Steve Reekie

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Nature photographer living in a bach surrounded by native forest at Rapahoe, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. I have been a keen amateur naturalist since I was very young. I collected all sorts of creatures when I lived on Niue and in the Cook Islands, and when I was at boarding school in Kent, in England. I have been a keen reader of nature books and watcher of documentaries and find the worlds diversity ever rewarding. Just when you think you've seen everything ....
I photograph everything, from animals to plants and fungi, but I photograph a LOT of fungi.
My favourites are the colourful Gliophorus and Hygrocybe
I have a good nose for native orchids, and can smell spider orchids and others long before I spot them. I can also detect a distinct odour of watercress when I bruise Cortinarius cuphomorphus

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