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Why the user name 'stormcatcher'? As I think of myself primarily as a gardener, one task I help with is managing drinks for the local organism crowd, a role not all can perform. Although I can help collect and distribute water, it is storms, minutes or millennia ago, meters or mountains away, that bring the water by. Water also plays a major role in our storms of biodiversity, its fun playing catch with these storms too.
As far as my profile photo goes, it shows a campfire spot I once knew well. I chose the photo to remind me to ponder how our fairly advanced technology, like this site uses, brings us together on electronic screens to share basic nature observations. I also like to be reminded to capture such moments with stories built around them, not to just to record observations to make lists. I like to understand how things fit together, and sitting around campfire circles, is one way that helps me connect better with all those those around. A little campfire circle also helps for remembering common history, moon phases, and that its just battery powered by the bigger campfire, the sun.Of course, a campfire is not the best place to go catching storms.

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