Shirley McLaran

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I am an amateur botanist. I joined the Australian Native Plants Society in 1996 and quickly became obsessed with the desire to know which family each species belonged to, and why. My interest in plants has expanded to all aspects of the natural environment.

In 2014, my passion for plant identification and classification led me to undertake a Bachelor of Science, majoring in botany, at the University of New England. I interned at the Volunteer Botanical Training Program at the Australian National Herbarium in 2017.

I am especially amazed by the diversity of pea-flowered plants. At the ANPSA biennial conference in Albany in 2019, I volunteered to revive the Pea Flower Study Group, seeing it as an outlet to share knowledge with others and learn more about my favourite plant group. I also have a healthy interest in rainforest species, especially the Sapindaceae family.

Identifying plants is a hobby and it enriches my knowledge of plants. You can assist by taking photos of flowers, fruit, and foliage as well as the whole plant where possible.

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