Joel DuBois

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Originally from New Mexico, I'm a graduate student at Louisiana State University pursuing a master's in entomology. I am currently working on some projects in Acmaeoderini, a beautiful and diverse tribe of Jewel Beetles (Buprestidae). Other Buprestid genera that I enjoy include Paratyndaris and Spectralia.

I spend most of my field time collecting insects, and while I particularly emphasize Buprestidae, a side hobby of mine is collecting stink bugs, where the genera Brochymena, Chlorocoris, and Dendrocoris have captured my attention.

I post a lot of pinned insects, and while I know this is slightly discouraged in the spirit of iNat, sometimes I don't have time or think about snapping a picture of the insect before throwing it in a vial. More recently, I have been messing around with using my phone camera in the field, and I am hoping to build this habit. If I have posted an insect of any kind, there is an extremely good chance I have collected it, so if you need another angle for identification, please let me know!

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