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I enjoy finding new plants to id. around Laredo, where I live. It was so frustrating as a kid when I would ask my grandfather and father and anyone I thought might know the name of this or that, I started studying and still find the pastime of plant, animal and insect observation my go-to activity when the opportunity and desire present themselves.
I have no formal training except a couple of classes at university on general botany, wildlife and grasses.
My passion is actually woodworking, but not on a very professional level. I make bowls, cutting boards, kitchen utensils and odd things out of wood that most would call eccentric.
Growing wild plants from seeds is a lifelong pastime. Most people would never know that what we call oregano from our local grocery chain grows wild in the wilderness here.
What gets my attention when in different habitats and ecosystems in Texas is how the same species in different areas varies slightly in appearance over time and how easy it is for certain plants to become naturalized, much like how language changes almost imperceptibly.

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