Blue Fleet Challange - Find Any 3 in 1 Day

While adding the blue fleet species I saw an interesting comment on one obs Fun, so 3 of the Blue Fleet in the one little bay on the same day so I thought I would highlight that as a fun challange for us!

I often see the blue bottles and by the wind sailors on one day and the next one with the most obs is the Violet Sea-Snail (Janthina janthina) so that would probably be the easiest to find when you see the other 2! The Janthina janthina on the banner is a live one so they probably will not look like that.

When you do find any 3 in 1 day, add that info in the comments of this post so we all know :)

Happy hunting!

Posted on October 11, 2017 12:52 PM by tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


2 Nov 2017 - Three found at Otaipango, Henderson Bay

Physalia physalis - Blue bottle

Velella velella - By the wind sailor
Janthina janthina - violet sea snail

To amuse myself I floated a few to see what they look like at sea - example below :)

Posted by tangatawhenua almost 6 years ago

23 Dec 2017 atWaikanae Beach @axons found 3 in one day
By the wind sailor
Blue bottle
Janthina janthina.

This is the same 3 found above, different coast, different ocean, different location.

Don't forget to record your 3 in 1 finds here :)

Posted by tangatawhenua over 5 years ago

17 January 2018 at Tapotupotu @indeynz found 3 in one day

Sea Swallow Glaucus atlanticus
By-the-wind Sailor Velella velella
Bluebottle Physalia physalis

Don't forget to record your 3 in 1 day finds here :)

Posted by tangatawhenua over 5 years ago

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