Comment to stop mining on Liberty Hill

The most unique ecosystem in Columbia County is slated to be destroyed for gravel mining. Liberty Hill supports an ecosystem (Willamette Valley camas meadow) that has been reduced to just 1% of its historic coverage. Here in NW Oregon all other large camas meadows have been destroyed - other than tiny plots here and there, Liberty Hill is the only camas meadow of significant size within at least 50km, and is one of the most pristine such meadows in northern Oregon with an incredible vernal wetlands system and unique plant, insect, and reptile life.

I wrote about the uniqueness of the ecosystem, and what can be done to try to preserve it, here:

Here are a few pictures of the site:

We would appreciate anyone who was willing to submit a public comment to the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Quality explaining why it is foolhardy to destroy the last remaining habitat of this type in the entire county.

More information about the hill is in this post, and instructions on how to submit a comment to USACE/DEQ are in the comments section:

Thank you for caring and for helping!

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