Gorgeous spring-like day


It was a gorgeous spring-like day in Kansas with unseasonably warm 77 degree temperatures. I received the Kansas Forest Service shipment of 25 serviceberry and 25 spicebush seedlings yesterday and took advantage of the circumstances to get the serviceberry into the ground ahead of the pending storm forecast to arrive late on St. Patty's day. I was still hobbled by my bad foot so I was content to complete one batch of the seedlings. The spice bush should be fine to wait until the weekend for planting in the much softer and shadier midline of the patch. The serviceberry were planted along the perimeter in small clusters and around the east and south end flanking the small community playground. I want to make sure the neighbors on both sides of the greenbelt benefit from the spring colors!

Kansas Forest Service
25 Spicebush
25 Serviceberry

Posted on March 16, 2022 09:11 PM by ann223 ann223


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