4th of July


Just wondering what anyone's thoughts or plans are for the 4th of July. Good OR Bad thoughts, opinions, rants, stories, anything.

Me personally, in short, I'd be happy to never see regular fireworks ever again after 3+ days a year of exhaustingly long displays and tourists.
I'm happy they are not doing regular loud explosive fireworks this year where I live and instead going to try out a drone display. Should be interesting.

Posted on June 26, 2022 09:50 PM by ipomopsis ipomopsis


I guess no one wants to chime in about the 4th.

I am leaning toward going to my old best secret spot, even though it's all but been destroyed by new development. I might be able to locate a still slightly secluded perfect lookout right near the display.

The other sucky thing is parking has gotten way way wayyyyyyy worse because of these developments, so I will have to park a few blocks away, ride my bicycle, carry the bicycle up the cliff, and then wait it out until I can drive in non-gridlock traffic back home.

Posted by ipomopsis almost 2 years ago

I guess 4th of July is officially canceled this year. Winds too strong to fly the drones. hah
I'm not complaining. Just means less tourists but hopefully not more personal fireworks that can start fires and annoy the hell out of the world.

Posted by ipomopsis almost 2 years ago

Best 4th of July ever.
Once again I had the best most perfect view and location.

Here is a memorable observation as well.

Posted by ipomopsis almost 2 years ago

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