Setting the Accuracy of an observation.

Android App:
Open the observation
Touch pencil, top right, to open Edit mode
Touch on the pin location
The map locality map will open
The Co-ords and Accuracy will reflect in the bar above the map
The circle with crosshairs will display - use thumb and forefinger over that to zoom in or out of the map - the accuracy will change accordingly.
It could be fiddly

On the web version, it is easier.
Open observation
Click on the blue rectangle, top right, to edit.
The Edit page will open.
Above the map, one can Edit and adjust the locality by typing in a value
Or type in co-ords
Or find the spot on the opened map (I find that fiddly too)
Remember to 'Save' changes at the bottom of the obs.

Accuracy also must be realistic and reflect where the plant was seen, allowing for what one remembers......

Try to remember to set the Accuracy when you upload the observation. It will save you from having to go back and do it later.

Remember to enable locality settings on the phone AND location tag permissions in camera mode too. When the pic is taken in iNat itself, the Accuracy will be recorded automatically.

Phone Apps which record localities can be handy as a backup. Screenshots or Notes (type in date/time as not all models add this automatically - or it changes every time the Note is opened) on the phone could be helpful - if the system works for you!

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