Heteralonia (Homolonia) leucothyrida (Hesse, 1956)

This species is easily identified by the wing pattern/venation:
Cell m2 not divided into two. Cross-vein m-m long, sinuous and parallel to hind margin of wing so that discal cell is long and tapered at apex.
Wings infuscated yellowish brownish to very dark chocolate-brownish basally and anteriorly, the infuscation extending as broad dark borders along apical and posterior veins to a variable extent and of variable width, with clearer areas in middle of cells.
Scaling on thorax above yellowish or greyish in three streaks separated by dark ones.
Entire scutellum or hinder part reddish; abdomen fairly broadly reddish on sides.
The scaling on the upper side of the abdomen is partly black, partly pale brownish-yellow or whitish in colour; there are two transverse black patches on the second segment, and two black crescent-shaped patches on the segments 3-6. Pale broadish band on tergite 2.

Descrption by Loew (Exoprosopa venosa):

Illustration of wing, fig. 41:

Description by Hesse:

Distribution: Namibia, South Africa (Eastern Cape, Free State, Northern Cape, Western Cape)

iNat observations:

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