Vermont Protected Lands Database

The Vermont Protected Lands Database is a public database of protected lands in Vermont. By definition, a protected land has "some level of protection against permanent conversion to developed land uses". The database includes both public lands (national forests, state parks, town forests, etc.) and privately-owned lands. Many (but not all) of the parcels in the Vermont Protected Lands Database are publicly-accessible lands. A protected land does not necessarily imply public access.

Getting Started

  1. Click "View Map" (dismiss warning: "Too Many Records")
  2. Click the magnifying glass in the top righthand corner
  3. Search: Colchester, VT
  4. Hover over a dark blue parcel to view its name
  5. Click on a dark blue parcel to view its metadata

I use the Vermont Protected Lands Database to discover places to explore. More importantly, I routinely download parcel polygons from the database and build maps prior to field trips. In the field, I access these maps on my smartphone, which of course is GPS-enabled. In this way, I always know where I am.


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This looks like a very useful resource. Thank you for the link!

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