June 13, 2024

Don't forget your Habitat notes

I haven't seen may observations in the BI 324 iNaturalist Project yet, but I have seen observations by folks in the class. Note that your observations must have habitat notes before they can be included in the project. If you select one of your earlier observations and click on Add to Project then it will bring up the Habitat box for you to fill out.

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May 29, 2024

Welcome to iNaturalist Project for Systematic Botany

Finding new plants and recognizing "old friends" can be rewarding. We will be using the iNaturalist app to make the process more interesting by allowing everyone to share and learn from each other throughout the term. I will go over the basics of recording observations in class, but you can also find several short how-to videos in the app itself by selecting "Help" from the More pull-down menu.
You can make many of the observations our class field trips. However, i suggest that you also go out on your own so that you can practice taking quality photos without the interruptions that can happen during class.

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