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January 14, 2020

And so we begin!

Spring semester 2020 is upon us. Looking forward to seeing our iNaturalist collection grow as our community documents biodiversity in and around campus.

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September 13, 2019

What is on campus today?

A great crowd this morning at our mini-bioblitz. You can check out the results of today's observations on the project page for today:

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New semester! Another time to explore campus with fresh eyes!

Join your fellow iNaturalists on September 13 to document the insects of the pollinator plot from 11 - 12. We'll work together to discover this little corner of biodiversity.

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June 20, 2019

Summer is a wonderful time to explore campus!

Campus life might seem a bit sleepy over the summer, but it is a buzz with wildlife. This academic year was a great one for adding new species to our university monitoring project and added data about what species are consistently around from year to year. We ended the AY1819 year with a total of 1516 species documented and just over 19,000 observations.

If you are looking for places to explore don't forget to check out Project Pollinator located behind the science parking lot. Happy observing and we'll see you in the fall if not on iNat before!

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April 29, 2019

Today is the final day of the #CityNatureChallenge!

Welcome back! Today is the last day of the city nature challenge. So far during the CNC 34 observers have documented 142 species and made over 600 observations toward the CNC. Can't wait to see what today brings!

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April 11, 2019

Only 2 weeks to the City Nature Challenge!

April is here and so is the CNC...almost! It's terrific to see the activity starting to heat up -- outside in nature and with all of you. Keep documenting biodiversity both on and off campus for the CNC. In the 2018 CNC your efforts not only help Boston come in 3rd for participation, but Waltham had the most observations (over 1200) of the 155 towns in the Boston CNC area! If you are new to iNaturalist or prefer to participate in the CNC with our campus community - please join us for one of the two on campus bioblitz events. Learn more and register by April 28th here:

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January 14, 2019

New Semester! New Start!

Whether you are just back to campus after winter break or a semester abroad or new to campus this semester as a midyear, why not set some new goals to stay outside and explore the world around you? It really doesn't take much to get started in iNaturalist - check out some of the video tutorials available here:

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December 15, 2018

Brandeis is joining in the #CityNatureChallenge for 2019!

It is exciting news! Brandeis will be back again as both a participant and organizer in the 2019 City Nature Challenge we hope you'll consider joining in as well. The CNC is a global effort to document urban biodiversity and this year there are about 100 cities participating. The 2019 CNC: Boston Area will once again focus within the I-495 corridor and out to Stellwagen Bank to document our local biodiversity including all of Brandeis. You can help boost the Boston Area to the top of the leaderboard by making observations from April 26 - 29 and/or helping to identify observations from April 30 - May 5, 2019. If you are a Brandeis student or a student group interested in helping to organize events on or off-campus for the 2019 CNC just let @hitchco know either via iNaturalist or reach out via email at

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November 30, 2018

1,000 Species on Campus!

Did you mark your calendar? We have reached the milestone of 1,000 species having been documented on campus! How amazing is that - and it is all thanks to your efforts looking around campus and taking the time to observe. Great efforts to show how 'Deis does Citizen Science!

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November 06, 2018

Take a video tour of the Campus Fungi with the Graduate Dean of A&S

Dean Chaslow share's his enthusiasm for campus fungi is this wonderful video segment for Brandeis Now. 

To date we've recorded 113 members of the Kingdom Fungi which includes 19 species of gilled mushrooms (Order Agaricales) aka the more typical ones people think of when they think mushroom. Keep catching those photos of campus fungi and adding them to our collections our collection has grown quite significantly this fall!
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