Groundhog Day

Monday, June 7th, 2021
Groundhog Day
North Vancouver
16 Celsius
Around 4 pm

Usually, after school, I like to sit by my desk and begin doing my homework. Today was no exception.

As I looked through the big glass window across my bedroom, I noticed something moving in the lawn. It wasn’t a squirrel – too big – and it wasn’t a beaver either. The brown, medium-sized creature looked back at me – it did not seem so happy either - and decided to mind its own business and return to pick-out the wildflowers on the grass. I tried to get a picture of it from my window, but it looked too blurred to be identifiable. I went outside. I looked for my mysterious visitor – gone.

One hour later, there were many people gathered around my neighbor’s car. There was a groundhog in their car’s hood.

~ Mariana García Soto
Teen Wildlife Ambassador

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