November 08, 2019

Added options for "cause of death" field

Hello everyone. Thanks for continuing to add observations to this project. In recent months I've added "cat" and "poison" as possible causes of death, both at the suggestion of project contributors. Other causes might be added in the future. By far the current leader in cause of death is "vehicle," with over 5000 observations, followed by "window" with over 1000. Remember that the cause of death should only be specified if you know with a high level of confidence what led to the bird's death -- please don't guess.

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February 02, 2019

Cause of Death Options Changed

Based on some user emails, I've edited the "If dead, likely cause of death?" field. It remains optional, but many people have opted to use it. The first option is now "Unknown," and the last is "Other," which is meant to imply that the cause of death is known but not listed. I hope that improves things.

A change was made to the input options for the group a few months ago that I was not responsible for. Since I am the only admin/editor/curator for this group, I can only assume that some larger system changes made by iNat had some effect on this group.

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