NZ dotterel sightings wanted for Dotterel Defenders project!

Dotterel Defenders is a participatory science project investigating the main threats to northern NZ dotterel, tūturiwhatu.

The project is based in Taranaki, however, the NatureWatch NZ project has been set up to record sightings of both the northern and southern sub-species around New Zealand.

Please enter any sightings here. if you are unsure take a photo and tick the 'ID please' box when you upload it and we will confirm the ID.

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Nesting NZ dotterel/tūturiwhatu are highly vulnerable to disturbance from people, dogs and vehicles. NZ dotterel often nest in small scrapes in the sand above the high tide mark and eggs can be easily crushed. Eggs can overheat and chicks are at risk from predation and starvation if adults are constantly disturbed.
You can help avoiding disturbance to NZ dotterel during breeding season ...more ↓

shane_orchard created this project on May 26, 2017
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