Next Step of Kick Off event: Enjoy identification of your photos and the other participants in the event

We were so amazed to know that the reserve is so rich in beautiful orchids, ferns and fungi and so on.
Now, all participants and non-participants in the event in the world can help to identify species of photos taken at the Kick Off event as well as after the event.

You will learn how to identify species from the following web sites which were recently updated by iNatutalist.

The role of the researchers and naturalists who are specialists of identification of various taxa of plants and wildlife in Palau is very important. We would like to ask those excellent specialists to identify species, as there are many endemic species and in the reserve. If these specialists identify species, it would help ordinary people to identity correctly after that.
As a result, all of us will be able to make our observation to research level and then to contribute to accumulate global biodiversity data, such as the GBIF(Global Biodiversity Information Facility) . The GBIF is free and open access to biodiversity data which everyone can use for research, education and conservation.


Posted by kobori kobori, June 11, 2019 15:12


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