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May 15, 2024

Google Classroom and YouTube Channel

The Macroblitz team is pleased to announce that the MacroBlitz Google Classroom is open. We invite educators, explorers and other changemakers to join the Classroom with a personal gmail using this invitation link. (Unfortunately, non-profit and education google emails are not compatible with the classroom domain.)

The MacroBlitz Google classroom is for anyone interested in MacroBlitz to ask questions, share ideas and become part of the MacroBlitz community. The Classroom offers step-by-step downloadable slide decks and related live streams along with relevant how-to resources.

We also have released our Classroom live streams on our YouTube channel in the playlist How to MacroBlitz - Training Videos.

MacroBlitz is a project of the South Dakota Discovery Center, funded by the National Geographic Society.

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April 06, 2024

Welcome to MacroBlitz!

Welcome to the iNat home of MacroBlitz (, a National Geographic funded project to inspire and empower people to share observations of aquatic macroinvertebrates from North and South America on iNaturalist for science and for learning.

We invite you to join our project for the occasional journal update and to help us spread the word as the project badge shows up on every qualifying observation you make.

Our goal is to see 1000 observations made by people new to aquatic macroinvertebrate observing (less than 10 macro observations as of April 7, 2024). Can we do this by December 31, 2024? Let's find out!

If you are on Instagram, follow us at macroblitzproject for more macroinvertebrate goodness.


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