Native seedlings in each zone or specific location

As the native seedling observations have become more numerous - and especially as more of the existing observations are uploaded to iNaturalist - we can begin to compare the results in various sites within Gahnia Grove - Show all Observations then use the filters in the Search function to refine the Place, eg the Annexe Glade margin, Annexe, Forest below the Annexe, ...more ↓

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Native seedlings or sporelings observed within Gahnia Grove since starting the monitored trial of this method of manual restoration in June 2018. This project does not include the areas covered by the 2019 extensions of the GG Trial (Rimu Ridge and Tanekaha Ridge).
Fields applied to each observation indicate whether the seedlings was present before restoration started, and what part of ...more ↓

kaipatiki_naturewatch created this project on November 27, 2018
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