NZ Fur Seal/Kekeno sightings wanted for Project Hotspot!

The aim of Project Hotspot is to capture local knowledge on four coastal species in Taranaki and NZ Fur Seal/Kekeno is one of them!
The project will be run through schools and be supported by scientists and community groups to address the questions:
o Where are the hotspots for these species?
o Why do these hotspots occur?
o What are the greatest threats to these species and their habitats?

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We need your help to find out more about New Zealand fur seal/ Kekeno. Enter your observations here and remember to add a photo if you have one.

New Zealand fur seal/ Kekeno are one of New Zealand's iconic marine species. Their numbers are now thought to be increasing after being severely reduced by hunting activities over many decades. Nowadays seal colonies are a tourist ...more ↓

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