Orca sightings wanted for Project Hotspot!

The aim of Project Hotspot is to capture local knowledge on four coastal threatened species in Taranaki and orca/kera wēra is one of them!
The project will be run through schools and be supported by scientists and community groups to address the questions:
o Where are the hotspots for these species?
o Why do these hotspots occur?
o What are the greatest threats to these species and their habitats?

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We need your help to find out more about orca. Enter your orca observations here and remember to add a photo if you have one. Whenever you see orca jot down those extra details for the fields below too.
Orca/ Kera wēra are one of New Zealand's iconic marine species.
• NZ Threat Classification: Nationally critical.
• NZ Population: Less than 200.
• Behaviour: ...more ↓

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