May 21, 2023

Bryophytes of Playford Lake, 29th April 2023

The City Nature Challenge April-May 2023 opened up a lot of very interesting nature to me, as I was trying to get as many observations as possible. This meant I spent a lot of time down on the ground, looking at bryophytes and was absolutely dazzled by the variety in some very small areas. The change across small pieces of landscapes was very interesting too, and I just wanted to share a few species I found whilst walking around Playford Lake, Belair National Park. All these records where within 2 metres of the path.

Bryophytes of Playford Lake, 29th April 2023:

Barbula calycina
Braunia imberbis
Campylopus clavatus
Campylopus introflexus
Didymodon spp.
Fissidens spp.
Hypnum cupressiforme
Racopilum cuspidigerum
Triquetrella papillata

Fossombronia spp.
Lethocolea pansa
Lophocolea semiteres
Lunularia cruciata
Riccia spp.

Plus I'm sure others! I'm very keen to learn more about bryophytes in general. There was such interesting diversity on roadsides too. I keep seeing them everywhere I go and I

Also, thanks to vbjanos for all the help in identifying and giving this link:

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