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February 21, 2019

Monk parakeets El Paso

I’m reposting this from my first observation of these

I’ll explain this for other people here on INat
The Monk is the only parakeet that is firmly established
In the El Paso area to include Mexico, per a gentleman
Who was at this park area and work for game and fish
It’s not very well liked by farmers, Cell phone company’s
And the electric utility, there nesting colony’s in this area
Are build on high voltage Tri-cycle lines and cell towers
And typically number around 75-100 individuals there are around 50 plus known colonies in this area to include Mexico, the farmers I guess hate them because they destroy fruit and nut crops in the area
Again this is per Jason the only parakeet
Known to be established in this area
The others that may be seen are most definitely
Escapees and typically do not survive
this is the first of three unique observations I’m going to
Post of these

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