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November 25, 2019

Brazos Bend SP, 11/24/2019 Birding

It was a crisp, beautiful morning, so Scott and I headed out to get some birds. We didn't want to stop until we hit at least SIXTY. Which we did.

Ruddy duck was the bird of the day for us. Notably absent were White-eyed Vireo, Great Blue Heron, Cormorant, and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, all of which we expected to see this time of year.

Photos -- listed below -- of birds were snapped with my phone from the camera's small LED screen. That way, I can get a clear shot of the bird with the big lens, zoom in the image more if necessary, and finally have a full-frame individual for iNat. It's unlikely I'll ever swap them out for the real-time images (too much work), but the SmugMug gallery has them there for all to see, linked from within the checklist.

Happy Birding!

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November 29, 2019

'Shoot The Bird' for Thanksgiving

Our 5th annual event. This time, no kids. :D

We began at San Bernard NWR, then to Quintana, and finally a long beach walk down the west jetty.

San Bernard NWR Bobcat Woods:
San Bernard NWR Moccasin Loop:
Quintana Bird Sanctuary:

We got tired of counting, so the beach walk was iNat-ing only. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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