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June 23, 2020

Deer Park Prairie ... Last Video Shoot

Della and I put on our rubber boots and sloshed through a very wet Deer Park Prairie to finish some B-roll video / photos for the last in the NPAT video series. Liatris and gaura were finally showing their beautiful skyward 'legs', as were all our exoskeleton little friends. A couple of new insect species delighted me to no end (they always do, don't they?), so I'm hoping the iNat community will help me with identification in those. I scrubbed some decent photos from video taken of the 'new guys.' Shooting the brand new tiny peeps with the big lens is not preferred.

I really look forward to seeing the finished product linked on NPAT's education prairie. Let's keep Texas prairie ... and teach it to future generations!

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June 24, 2020

Seabourne ... After The Rain

While waiting for some fellow CPC TMN buddies to catch up with me, I thought I would go iNat the demo gardens for some insect diversity. Not disappointed! While ducked down 'in the weeds,' passersby would ask me about the dead fish. I went to investigate. Hundreds if not more than a thousand fish of all sizes were floating belly-up, eyes bugged, apparently having died a horrible death. Hypoxia is the likely culprit, but without water testing capacity, it's hard to say.

Here are the species I logged. The Rambur's forktail brothel in the recovering baccarus (the city chopped them all down in winter) was my favorite spot of the day.

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