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May 09, 2019

Protoparmeliopsis muralis and related species

From, regarding Protoparmeliopsis

Notes: As delimited here, Lecanora muralis is an extremely variable taxon, probably representing a complex of species. Some of the more distinctive variants in our region are var. brunneola (Mereschk.) B.D. Ryan & T.H. Nash, with brown thallus containing isousnic instead of or in addition to usnic acid (Arizona), and ssp. dubyi (Müll. Arg.) Poelt s. lato, with coarse, thick, often loosely attached lobes (widespread). There are a number of chemical variations, including a few populations lacking leucotylin; in Eurasia some of these chemical variations appear to correlate with morphological characters and have been named as separate specific or infraspecific taxa; much further study of these is needed before any of these names can be applied to North (or South) American material. Material from Santa Catalina Island, collected in 1895 by Hasse, was referred to by Hasse (1903b) as var. catalinae Stizenb. (nomen nudum); examination of material in NY annotated as this taxon by Hasse shows that it fits well within typical var. muralis as delimited in the present treatment.

P garovaglii seems, per the obvious features, to be very similar. Still comparing the two descriptions. Apparently the diagnostic features are details that won't be apparent in a photograph.

Then there's Lecanora.

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