Tips and tricks

Here are some clever ways to get more from NatureWatch NZ, courtesy of @tony_wills.

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Change "primary" photograph / reorder photos in an observation

You can change the order of photographs you have uploaded for an observation. You might want to do this to select which image is displayed as the main image for that observation (ie number 1) or put a sequence of images into chronological order.

When in edit mode for the observation you will see a "Re-order photos" link beneath the photos, that will take you to a page where you can enter numbers to determine the order of display.

Looking for images suitably licensed for use on wikipedia?



Looking for observations in a particular project?

Add projects[]=project-name to the search URL

eg To find all my observations in "Animal footprints" project:[]=animal-footprints

Note that "project-name" is the name you will find in the URL of the project's page (generally the project name converted to lowercase and spaces converted to hyphens)

Adding a link to another observation?

If people follow links from iNaturalist to NatureWatchNZ of visa-versa they find themselves not logged in. So instead of just pasting a link to another observation as, enter a relative URL in the form of an HTML link <a href="/observations/985491">985491</a> which will give 985491 and takes people to the observation but leaves them in whichever system you are logged in to.

Useful saved searches

Searching for observations that are not yet "research grade"

add quality_grade=casual to the URL in the address bar of your search eg

All casual grade obs:

All my casual grade obs:

NZ obs with photos and id_please but still casual grade:[]=photos&has[]=id_please&

NZ obs with photo, but still casual grade:[]=photos&quality_grade=casual&view=table[]=photos&has[]=id_please&quality_grade=casual&✓&has[]=id_please&quality_grade=research&[]=photos&order=asc&place_id=94916&quality_grade=casual&subview=table&taxon_id=1&verifiable=any

All animal observations with photo, but still casual grade.

Find old comments

Comments on my observations:

Comments by me:

All comments:

Search for keyword in comments:

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