Mila Barreto

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Previously @mbwildlife! But I might change back! I'm indecisive...

A teenage naturalist and amateur wildlife photographer. I'm still learning a lot of the taxa around me, and trying to expand to places outside of my comfort zone (unless I travel, I'm primarily around Pennsylvania, US). My very current interests are salamanders and colubrids. I'm versed in many North American birds and mammals. You might find me noodling around with article-writing and identification when I'm not turning a stream upside down — or playing acoustic guitar, or writing poetry by fountain pen. I am very vocal about conservation efforts and do what I can with my limited wallet and experience at the moment. See my lovely girlfriend's profile (whom I roped into iNaturalist...).

Keep in mind: I could be wrong with IDs. I've been wrong a lot of times.

Tambien hablo Español; soy media Ecuatoriana y espero volver algun dia.
(I also speak Spanish; I'm half Ecuadorian and hope to visit again someday.)

Wikipedia profile — I make biology articles/edits often
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Please do check out my wildlife photography and films! If you would like to use one of my photos for any sort of publication, please message me! I am happy to work with you.

My icon is an Eastern copperhead that I had the chance to photograph in the mountains of Pennsylvania.


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