What's a big fish like you doing in a place like this?

Sascha Schulz was cooling off during lunchtime on a hot day when he spotted a large fish in the still pool below Tallowa Dam. The fish was a Murray Cod, Maccullochella peelii, a species not previously recorded from the Shoalhaven River. In his own words Sascha "nearly swallowed my snorkel" when he saw the fish underwater. Fortunately, he managed to take a photo despite the poor visibility.
The following day Sascha's team of contractors were running the fishlift and were surprised to find the 85 cm long fish in the fishlift hopper. The fish was released alive.
The Murray Cod is an endemic freshwater species that occurs throughout the Murray-Darling River system. View more information. It has also been released into a number of New South Wales water-bodies including Cataract Dam, a Sydney water supply reservoir.
How did a Murray Cod end up at Tallowa Dam on the Shoalhaven River? NSW Fisheries have not released this species, but advised that "any future captures be euthanised to prevent a population establishing."
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Posted on October 26, 2017 05:05 AM by markmcg markmcg


Probably an escapee from someone's farm dam or an aquarium release. I've heard reports of Silver Perch in the Shoalhaven as well.

Posted by allanlugg over 6 years ago

There is a farm on the Kangaroo arm of the impoundment that boasts of its massive Murray Cod. Stocked illegally I suspect...

Posted by sascha_schulz over 6 years ago

Oh dear... is it visible on Google Earth?

Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

Sort of, I won't point out the location, I'll let Fisheries deal with it

Posted by sascha_schulz over 6 years ago


Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

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