Congratulations Fish Fans!

Australasian Fishes has been online for just over one year. Since the first image was added in October 2016, more than 600 iNaturalist members have added over 17,600 observations of 1650 species.
Below is a small taste of what you have achieved.
We've received some wonderful feedback; here are two examples.
  • Thank you very much for starting 'Australasian Fishes'. Personally it's been a real buzz. Getting to interact with people who know lots about what I see & photograph here in Port Phillip Bay and pass on your knowledge to me, then I pass it onto my family & friends who I share your great website with. I also get great value out of all the posts about everything that's going on around Australia. Every day I look forward to what I can learn from you all. Keep it going. - Ken_flan
  • I work in the ichthyology section at the Australian Museum. One of the things I work on is the Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) which details taxonomic and distributional information for every species of fish recorded in Australia and its territories. Having photos accompanied by the fish community IDs is a very useful tool for my work, so thanks in advance for all your great pictures. :) - mattl
Thank you so much everyone! Give yourselves a huge pat on the back. You have all done remarkably well, and have made Australasian Fishes a great success. Here's looking at a great second year with many more discoveries. :)
Mark (markmcg)
Posted on November 07, 2017 03:38 AM by markmcg markmcg


Tu meke!

Posted by clinton over 6 years ago

Great job Mark!

Posted by sascha_schulz over 6 years ago

Thank you @clinton. I must confess to having to look up that Maori expression.

Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

Thank you @sascha_schulz. With nearly 10000 identifications under your belt, you have made it happen. I never dreamed of such dedication. THANK YOU! :)

Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

Only paying back the effort you put in over the last decade buddy!

Posted by sascha_schulz over 6 years ago


Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

@markmcg A day late and a dollar short (not entirely...) But, what a successful project this has become - under your organisation Mark and the observations and IDs by everyone involved it can only get better! :D

Posted by henrick over 6 years ago

Thanks for your kind words @henrick. It's a team effort. :)

Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

As otherss said, great job @markmcg getting it off the ground. How did you tally up the number of "interesting" observations? Some field or annotation on the observations?

Posted by richardling over 6 years ago

HI @richardling. As you have probably guessed, I saw just about every observation when the site was growing but I don't see them all now, hence the figures are undoubtedly an underestimation. I am keeping a Google Doc that contains interesting outcomes. The doc contains a number of categories including those listed above. When you think about it, just about any observation could tell us something, so my documentation is pretty arbitrary. If you see something that you think is important, by all means, mention me in a comment. Thank you.

Posted by markmcg over 6 years ago

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