City Nature Challenge 2020: Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere's Journal

April 24, 2020

City Nature Challenge has started!

Hi Everyone - looking forward to see what sightings get uploaded today (Friday 24th April) on the very first day of The City Nature Challenge for the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere (The Living Coast)! Have fun and discover what wildlife you have on your doorstep!

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March 23, 2020

Covid-19 City Nature Challenge update

After careful consideration, the decision has been made to proceed with the City Nature Challenge (CNC), but to ensure the safety and health of all participants, this year’s CNC is no longer a competition. Instead, we want to embrace the collaborative aspect of sharing observations online with a digital community, and celebrate the health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature as people document their local biodiversity to the best of their ability (e.g. focusing on their gardens).

The official CNC covid-19 statement can be found here and also further info and suggestions for how to find nature in your garden here .

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February 13, 2020

City Nature Challenge 2020! April 24-27

Hi Everyone,

For the very first time, the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere will be cometing in the international City Nature Challenge (now in its 5th year). It will take place from April 24th through to April 27th. We will be competing with 250 locations worldwide, including nine other UK cities (Birmingham & Black Country, Bristol & Bath, Glasgow, Lancashire, Liverpool City Region, London, Greater Manchester, Nottingham City, and North East England). You can see exactly who's participating this year & read more about the challenge at the City Nature Challenge website .

The timeline for the City Nature Challenge is:
April 24-27: Making observations. The project won't accept any observations made before 12:00am on April 24 or made after 11:59pm on April 27.
April 28 - May 3rd: Getting everything uploaded and identified! As long as the observations were made in the April 24-27 time frame, you can still upload them afterward. Also, the more observations we get identified to species, the higher our species count will be!
May 4: Results announced!

The "big 3" stats that we look at for the City Nature Challenge are (1) number of observations, (2) number of species, and (3) number of people who participated. This year we'll also be putting more emphasis on those numbers with verifiable (not captive/cultivated, and has media) observations.

Here's the Brighton & Hove Biosphere City Nature Challenge 2020 iNaturalist project

We're tagging you in this journal post because you're one of the top observers and/or identifiers in the Biosphere/Sussex area, and we'd love your help with the City Nature Challenge (CNC)! Any area within the Biosphere boundary is fair game for the CNC (terrestrial, freshwater, marine, rural, urban), and we need people out there making observations, finding species, and helping to ID the observations coming in. With local organisations we are also hoping to have a number of bioblitz/ID events being held within the Biosphere area during the CNC - we'll post these to the project and Nature2020 CNC webpage once they're confirmed. We'd particularly like people to visit sites that are of high biodiversity value in the Biosphere region and/or home to species characteristic of the region.

Here is a reminder of the Biosphere's boundary

Thanks in advance for your help with the City Nature Challenge! We hope the Biosphere has a great first year of the competition!

Feel free to write comments & please do tag/spread the word to others you'd like to see this!

Our contact email address is

@tiggrx @threecornerforager @bobwardell @alanhorstmann @kitbeard @ldacosta @hschillo @amzamz @bazwal @mikeq @stephens54 @lupoli_roland @idacosta @monicaoyre @kostaszontanos @ophrys @gianfrancodramis @susanem @matthewjones @susanhewitt @danielcahen @nikopuffin @rusty15 @martinbishop @simonjb33 @naturalisto @crabbycrabby @lizzie988 @lara93 @senizj @acclivity @randaljanice @herby1 @nyoni-pete @river_am @zabdiel @wildhamandpetersham @rdubya @catgel @danielnaturalist91@bobwardell @stevemcbill @runningrob @mandapanda @philipmarkosso @tim-f @albert-47 @littlemoth @mark185 @thebarberstone @happyfern @nessiec @clareblencowe @rosemarypb @rusty15 @threecornerforager

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