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May 28, 2021

Making Great Observations

Here's a helpful guide for making great observations in iNaturalist. Observations made following these guidelines are easier to identify and more likely to be promoted to research grade. The main things to remember are to take clear photos that are in focus and well lit. Take multiple photos if possible, especially for plants (leaves, flowers, stems, etc.). Also, remember to post multiple photos of the same organism to one observation.

Check it out! Click to see the guide in English or español.

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May 03, 2021

Final Observations for City Nature Challenge!

Hello Neighborhood Naturalists!

Today is the LAST DAY to make observations for the City Nature Challenge and we want to take advantage of every minute. If you have free time today during lunch, go for a walk and observe some nature or if you go out this afternoon make sure to snap some photos of interesting things and upload them. You can even take a night hike and see what you can find!

Albuquerque still has the lead over us in most observations, but not by much! Can we overtake them by midnight tonight? Every observation matters! See the competition.

As a reminder, if you took photos but haven’t had a chance to upload them to iNaturalist, you may do so up until May 9. This will be strictly on the honors system so please be honest and only upload photos from that period of time.

If you haven't joined in on the fun, there's still time! Join here.
More info about the Greater Phoenix Area CNC.

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May 04, 2021

Wildfire Awareness Month and Events

May is National Wildfire Awareness Month and together, EcoFlora and the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA) are working to raise awareness and provide opportunities to learn about wildfire. We have virtual events planned with local experts, a series of blog posts filled with info, and this month's EcoQuest invites you to learn about and search for invasive plant species that fuel wildfire. You can also follow along with us on social (ecofloraphx) to learn about wildfire throughout the month.

🔥 Wildfire Events 🔥

May 11 | 6-7 p.m. MST
In this EcoQuestions session, we hear from Kara Barron, who will discuss how Sonoran Desert plant communities respond to wildfire, how some individual plants respond and how a future with more frequent wildfires will alter the plant community composition.
Register Here

May 18 | 6-7 p.m. MST
Join Dr. Molly Hunter to learn about the changing role of fire in southwestern habitats. We live in such a unique place, and as fire become a more common facet of our lives it’s important we understand their role and their impact on our deserts.
Register Here

May 26 | 5:30-7 p.m. MST
Join Dr. Ben Wilder to learn about the role of invasive plants in wildfires and other facets of fire in the Sonoran Desert.
Alarmingly, fire is becoming a more frequent occurrence in the desert. In this presentation, Dr. Wilder will discuss the 2020 Bighorn Fire in the Santa Catalina Mountains outside Tucson as a case study.
Register Here

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May 13, 2021

Merit System Reminder

With the City Nature Challenge, many of you climbed up in the number of observations you've made. We wanted to take a minute to remind you about the EcoFlora Merit System! Earn rewards for your observations, including stickers, buttons, tee shirts, books, Desert Botanical Garden tickets and more. Virtual badges are also awarded so you can show off your observation accomplishments. To claim merits, fill out the merit system form, then we will verify and send out your goods!

Not sure what to do with your virtual merit badges? You can post them to social or keep them in an iNaturalist journal post. Check out an example here.

Observations that count toward merits are those that have been made within the project boundary since the start of the project on Feb. 6, 2020. Merits will begin being awarded at the level you have achieved as of March 1, 2021. Open to project members only, while supplies last.

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EcoQuestions with Kara Barron

Hi Neighborhood Naturalists,

If you missed EcoQuestions with Kara Barron, it is now up on our YouTube channel! See the Recording.

Kara discussed how plant communities respond to wildfire, as well as how some individual plants respond and how a future with more frequent wildfires will alter the plant community composition.

Kara is the Science and Outreach Manager at the Gila Watershed Partnership in Safford, AZ. As part of her position, she manages the seed collection program that supports restoration projects along the Upper Gila River. She graduated from ASU in 2018 with a master’s degree in Plant Biology and Conservation where she studied the impact of wildfire and restoration on plant community composition of the Arizona Upland subdivision of the Sonoran Desert.

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May 25, 2021

June Newsletter

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If you aren't already, you can also follow us on social at ecofloraphx.

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