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July 04, 2022

Native American tassels

I had a thought when hiking the other day. What if the tassels that Native American clothing is known for had the purpose to keep mosquitos and other insects off?

Horses and other herbivorous use their tails and or long ears to flick away insects.

I looked it up and the internet says that tassels helped direct rainwater away from the body, but I still can't help wonder if they had another purpose to keep insects off.

I'm considering installing them around my wrists of my hiking shirt.

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July 11, 2022

My first Spring

I posted this observation today for fun. Ever since my first spring (1982) on planet Earth I have been studying wildlife. :)

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July 30, 2022

pocket microscope

I attempted to buy some pocket microscopes a couple months ago but the stupid company is like the ONLY online store on the internet that won't accept my credit cards. When talking to them on the phone they blamed me in a rude way and would not accept phone orders. But I really want one and these seem like the best so I tried again Thursday. I still couldn't get their site to work, so I broke down and bought them from amazon. Ugg.
I hope they are good because I don't have any trust in the support from the company.

The INaturalist community can look forward to more microscale observations from me now.
I'm hoping it might help in IDing some stuff and am mostly interested in using it for algae, lichens and rust spores.

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