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August 08, 2022

Insect camera trap tracker

Sure would be cool to come up with some sort of camera trap for insects. Like a tube or tunnel that would naturally force them to go through without harming them to document all the insects in a place.

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August 09, 2022

Death Valley

Since Death Valley just had basically a 100 year flood event, would now be a good time to go visit as the park opens back up to see what stuff pops up?

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August 16, 2022

You are a Bush

There are far more shrubs in the world than humans, however, when you think about it, humans can be just as common. As with any species, each looks the same but has it's own characteristics, phenotypes, gene expression, etc.

Most people struggle with purpose. Most people are just drones living day to day to get by. It's similar with animals and shrubs. I was thinking yesterday briefly if there is a way to look to shrubs in figuring out purpose in life. If we could figure out the purpose of a single bush, maybe we could understand our own purpose.

I'm thinking this through more as I write this thought down for the first time. Don't have much time but I'll jot it down rather than not.

A shrub in the forest supports insects, mammals, birds, and in turn they support the shrub with pollination, regeneration, and even fending off insects or pathogens. That one shrub might seem like a normal unimportant bush among trillions but it's playing a crucial role on our planet. It's purpose is there to be part of life.

So how do we compare to the shrub/bush? Pretty much the same, we seem unimportant among billions of other humans but collectively we are playing a crucial role in the time line of life. Unfortunately we are mostly destructive to life. Maybe that's because most people don't understand their purpose in the ecosystem as humanity has gotten separated and caught up in the tiny human world.

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