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November 17, 2018

Mid-summer Symphony II – The Lantern Fly

Another poem I published in Kids First News a few months ago.

People call me Lantern Fly but I’ve no idea why!
I don’t glow or carry any battery!
All I love to do is hop from tree to tree.
And embrace my favorite long-an and ly-chee!

Someone said “Your fashion sense is lousy!”
I think they haven't seen the handsome big-nosed me!!
And just look at my technicolor wings, aren’t they pretty?
Now I have a date with the summer breeze.

A moth? Not me! My family belongs to the Cicadinea!
Please excuse me for I have to flee!
As I’m enrolled in the big symphony!
Will you stay and chirp with me?

The show goes on but I’m a little thirsty.
On this trunk is all we can drink for free!
Hey, look at that crazy creepy-crawly!
What it sips on is not nectar, but my pee!

by SunnetChan

PS :thousand thanks the magical touch from Karen Barretto and Nicola Newbay.

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