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July 08, 2017

Non-marine mollusks on Randall's Island, NYC, and Wave Hill in the Bronx

I am hoping to increase the number of non-marine mollusk species which are known from Randall's Island. I have not done much dedicated searching yet, but I hope to do more looking, on land and in freshwater.

Here are all the elements of the fauna that are currently known. Note that so far only three of these are entirely or partly based on my records -- those three are marked like this (S).


  • Viviparus georgianus -- Banded Mysterysnail -- one shell washed up on the Wards Island beach (S) -- could perhaps be from some distance away
  • Physidae sp. -- Tadpole Snails -- in the freshwater pond within the freshwater wetlands


  • Succineidae -- amber snails -- one found near Icahn Stadium
  • Cochlicopa lubrica -- one near Central Road, and more recently one in the freshwater wetlands woodland under a log (S)
  • Discus rotundatus -- one in the Urban Farm (S), and some near Central Road (S)
  • Deroceras sp -- on the east stretch of Hell Gate Circle
  • Cepaea nemoralis -- colonies in many different places on the island (S)

Other than the wetland area, the park mostly tends to be dry, and the influence of humans is historically very strong. Nonetheless I am certain there are more species of non-marine mollusks to be discovered here.

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