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January 01, 2020

On the global leaderboards for December 2019?

December in the more northerly parts of the Northern Hemisphere is usually not a great month for nature observations. However, starting on the 4th of December I was lucky enough to spend almost three weeks in Southwestern Florida -- Sanibel, which is a barrier island on the Gulf Coast, not far from Fort Myers.

Of course I love to try to find new-to-me, or better yet new-to-Sanibel species of shelled marine mollusk, and I like to look at all the other marine organisms that wash up on the beaches. Sanibel beaches are fortunately not "groomed"! I also love to try to see new-to-me species of plants, and even new plant diseases. I was able to get to a nature preserve on a very hot day, and get some pics of some interesting flying insects.

We had a lot of rain storms towards the end of our visit, which was not good for trying to examine the more tiny shells, or more flying insects. However I found I was already on the global leaderboards for the month of December 2019, both for the total number of observations made, and for number of different species observed.

And when I came back to NYC, late on 23rd December, I knew if we got some reasonable weather (as was predicted) I could probably easily rack up a couple hundred more species here in the Big Apple, winter or not.

So that's what I did, and I finished the month still well positioned on December's leaderboards, with 3,027 observations of 587 species. I also was able to have fun with two iNat mini-meetups, one on Sanibel and one here in NYC, thanks to @jayhorn and @steven-cyclist!

Happy New Year to everyone! And happy iNatting!

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