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March 01, 2022

Interviewed by Amy Harmon for the New York Times about iNaturalist

So, a New York Times reporter, Amy Harmon, whose beat is science and society, is interested in doing a story about iNaturalist. I think maybe she wonders if the pandemic restrictions pushed more people towards taking part in iNat, although iNat has been expanding so very rapidly over the last 10 years that it may be impossible to separate one cause from another.

Several different people Amy talked to suggested that she contact me, as an extremely active NYC iNat person. So she asked me, and because she wanted to go iNatting herself, and wanted to see me in the act of iNatting, I suggested we meet up near the Harlem Meer in Central Park, on Monday February 21st.

Of course mid-February is quite a poor time of year for iNatting, even in an area that can be rich in biodiversity at warmer times of year, but one can always find something to photograph.

So we had a pretty good time. We saw a bunch of nice birds, a few lichens and some green plants.

I suggested Amy also try to interview Misha Zitster, who could give her a different perspective, since he started on iNat in fall of 2020.

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March 22, 2022

April in Nevis

Hello Everyone,

I am packing for our trip this year to Nevis. We will have four weeks on Nevis, and those four weeks are going to be from April 2nd to April 30th. We will be staying at Oualie Beach Resort. As usual, I hope to make a lot of observations of every kind of organism I can find.

I can't wait to be back on Nevis. We did not go last year as the covid restrictions were too extreme for us.

We don't rent a car while we are there, so we usually don't end up going around a great deal, except in buses to and from town, etc.

If anyone is going to be on-island in April and would like to go out iNatting with me, message me on iNat. The internet connection at Oualie is not great, but I should be able to get messages at least to some extent, perhaps a bit slow, and sometimes a bit delayed.

Happy iNatting to everyone.

All good wishes,


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