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August 31, 2022

An iNat meet-up and outing in Southern California in September 2022

Hello everyone,

I (@susanhewitt) will be staying at the Moonlight Beach Motel in Encinitas, San Diego North County, for 16 nights, from the evening of Monday Sept 12th, to the early afternoon of Wednesday Sept 28th.

I would love to be part of an iNat meetup and nature walk one day during that time span, so some planning is in order. I do know the more obvious parts of the coastal nature of the area fairly well after many visits, and my taxon of special expertise is mollusks -- I know the Southern California marine mollusks very well.

I assume that a Saturday or a Sunday would be best for most people? There is the weekend of the 17/18th, and the weekend of the 24/25th. As for a destination, I was thinking maybe of the San Elijo Lagoon, or maybe the Torrey Pines preserve.

But I would be glad to listen to suggestions from other people. I won't have a car, but I can go somewhere in a taxi or bus.

Vasily Reinkymov suggested I might ask:


And James (silversea_starsong) suggested I ask:

So please, if you get this message, and are interested in any way, let me know.

Happy iNatting!


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