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April 13, 2017

Leatherjacket out of range

Sascha Schulz has documented another range extension.
This time it's a Honeycomb Leatherjacket, Cantherhines pardalis, photographed in Shell Cove, New South Wales (left photo). According to the Australian Faunal Directory, the species is only known as far south on the east coast to Sydney.
The Honeycomb Leatherjacket has been recorded from Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and a number of offshore islands and territories.
The species grows to about 20 cm in length and is sometimes seen in association with floating algae.
STOP PRESS! April 15, 2017. Andrew Green has seen the species even further south - this time at Jervis Bay, New South Wales.
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April 18, 2017

12000 observations and counting!

Australasian Fishes recently passed the 12000 observations milestone.
Thank you to Molly Wallace who uploaded the 12000th observation, which shows the iconic Greynurse Shark, Carcharias taurus. The species is still on the Fisheries Scientific Committee's critically endangered list.
Thanks to all of you who make up our wonderful Australasian Fishes community. We are already powering ahead but there are big plans afoot ...
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April 27, 2017

Researcher needs your help!

We really need your assistance ... but first a bit of background.
Yoshino Fukui recently visited the Australian Museum and examined specimens of wrasses as part of her PhD research.
Yoshino (back row, white shirt), who is based at The Kagoshima University Museum, is working on wrasses in the genus Iniistius, the razorfishes.
Yoshino stated, "Iniistius jacksonensis was described on the basis of a single young specimen. It has only been recorded from Australia. I think this species might be cryptic, hence my interest. What I need is to get more specimens and photographs. So far, I have not been able to obtain underwater photographs of this species. I thought some of the Australasian Fishes photographers might be able to help me. Thank you."
SO, HERE IS THE CHALLENGE - please go through your photo 'archives' and dig out all photos of razorfishes. They don't need to be National Geographic quality. Upload them to Australasian Fishes and I'll do the rest.
Thank you fish-fans!
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