February 19, 2020

'Buy Shirt To Save Seals': Marine Mammal Care Center Fundraiser.

The Marine Mammal Care Center is the only 24/7 hospital for marine mammals in LA County. They are in desperate need of funds to stay open.


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November 24, 2019

Local Couple Puts Up a Matching Gift Challenge to Help Build 101 Wildlife Crossing.

The Malibu couple, passionate about saving local mountain lions, will match any contribution to Save LA Cougars up to $50,000, made by Dec. 3.


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November 06, 2019

Caught on Camera: Two Big Cats Take a Leisurely Stroll in Westlake Village.

The community is just north of the Santa Monica Mountains, a vast range that stretches across Los Angeles and into Ventura County. It's home to several mountain lions that are tracked an studied by National Parks Service biologists.


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October 25, 2019

The Gentle Barn asks social media for help as Tick fire forces evacuation.

Not just people are being affected by the Tick fire raging in Northern Los Angeles County in Canyon Country.

The Gentle Barn, an animal protection organization on Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita, was one of many areas forced to evacuate on Thursday, Oct. 24.


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October 18, 2019



Hey fans! Don’t miss my big party—the 4th annual P-22 Day Festival!
Join us for the 4th annual P-22 Day Festival & Urban Wildlife Week! Over 6,000 people attended the P-22 Day Festival last year, and thousands more at the events throughout Urban Wildlife Week.


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October 12, 2019

Big effort underway to save small La Cañada fawn hobbled by illegal trap.

People mostly leave the animals alone. So, Newsom was shocked on Sept. 20 to see a months-old fawn near his house hobbling with a trap on its leg. He took photos and contacted a member of the homeowner’s association, who alerted the neighborhood.


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October 07, 2019

L.A.’s first ‘tree officer’ is trying to plant 90,000 trees by 2021.

The ambitious tree-planting project falls under the purview of Rachel Malarich, the city’s forest officer — a job that was just created in August to “oversee the growth of Los Angeles’ urban forest” as part of Garcetti’s Green New Deal. An arborist with more than a decade of experience in urban forestry, Malarich was appointed just days before the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report that emphasized the role of trees and forests in combatting climate change. The project will grow what’s already the largest urban forest in the country, making what happens in Los Angeles an important model for other cities looking to go green.


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August 30, 2019

Coyote Killed With Bow And Multiple Arrows.

The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control has announced Thursday, August 29 that a coyote was killed with a bow and multiple arrows.


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August 27, 2019

Mountain lions, from your LA backyard to extinction?

Mountain lions have always roamed the hills surrounding Los Angeles. However, their habitat is shrinking. Housing developments cut off traditional wildlife corridors. The Woolsey Fire destroyed almost half of the mountain lions’ territory.


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August 20, 2019

50 Wildlife Cameras Annihilated, But You Can Help Restore What Woolsey Fire Destroyed.

Wildlife biologists at the National Park Service use wildlife tracking-cameras to monitor local wildlife and keep tabs on the health of the local eco-system, including the animals - and yes, humans - that live in it.


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