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December 02, 2017

The shot hole borer beetle could kill 38% of all trees in the L.A. region.

Pick a tree at random anywhere in Southern California and examine it closely. Chances are good that you will find small wet stains on its trunk. Those wet stains are most likely signs of a fatal tree disease that is spreading throughout the region at an alarming rate, and which has the potential to significantly change the way Southern California looks.

The disease is called Fusarium dieback, and it is transmitted by one type of fungus-farming beetle: the invasive shot hole borer.

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December 31, 2017

Hollywood pumas to roam in wildlife habitat after land purchase.

Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife. (CLAW) is part of an alliance of preservation groups that's been raising money to protect the last few wildlife corridors in L.A. from development. With the Laurel Canyon Association, they successfully purchased a 17-acre parcel for $1.6 million this week.

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