General Guide To Photographing in Rock Pools


Basics for Photographing Through Water 2

  • Make sure that the rock pool is not in the shade - the top photo shows why. This means that you need to be aware of where your shadow is.
  • If you want to photograph something that is in the shade, check where your shadow is and make sure that it does not fall over the shaded rock pool else you will have "double shade" to photograph through
  • If where you want to photograph has reflection from the sun, move so that your shadow falls over what you want to photograph which will remove the reflection and allow you to photograph through the water
  • Try and take the photo when the top of the water is still - if the wind is blowing across it will cause ripples that will make the photo come out blurry. However wind comes in gusts so you can set your photo and wait for the ripples to stop to get the photo
  • Make sure your focus is on what you want to photograph and not the debris floating in the water, like small sand particles as shown in the third photo.

Basics of Photographing in Water 2

If you have an underwater camera, as well as the tips above, here are a few more.

  • Direct sunlight hitting the ripples can cause rainbows in the photo. It can also casue a stripped shade and light effect.
  • Do not take "landscape" shots in the water as you will get a blue tinge and not much detail as shown in the second photo
  • Do not photograph in areas of surf or where there are alot of currents as you will get photos of debris as shown in the third photo

Tweaking Photos 2

Check out the General Guide for Tweaking Photos for tips on how to:

  • Sharpen photos
  • Lighten photos
  • Fix washed out photos
  • Crop Photos

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