Photographing Rengarenga


What Good Photographs Must Have 2

Rengarenga (Arthropodium cirratum) and Arthropodium bifurcatum are easily confused as they look the same (first photograph). To be able to get a species ID you need to photograph the flowers.

  • The floral bracts of the rengarenga are lanceolate and that they curl back on themselves (second photograph)
  • The floral bracts - and more importantly the smaller inner series of bracts which are 'bifid' (i.e. bifurcate) for Arthropodium bifurcatum (third photograph)

Tweaking Photos 2

Check out the General Guide for Tweaking Photos for tips on how to:

  • Sharpen photos
  • Lighten photos
  • Fix washed out photos
  • Crop Photos

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