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November 03, 2021

Dive #514 - Oak Leaf - 17 October 2021

Beautiful viz today! 50ft+

Highlight was a little GPO sitting outside of its den, just chilling and watching the world go by. We saw 4 other GPOs in their dens. Other highlight was a Heath's Dorid.

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Dive #515 - Madrona (Big Wall) - 19 October 2021

After hearing reports of octo-Buds out on the Big Wall, we got some Nitrox and headed out. We dropped down half way to the buoy, which was a mistake - we got horribly lost in the sand and ended up finding the wall at the tumbled-boulder section where we normally turn around. But with Nitrox, we carried on to the end of the wall, where the masses of feather stars are. We turned around and headed back. Found a bunch of big GPOs, a wolf eel pair, and a juvenile wolf eel. Lots of Pacific Staghorn Sculpins out tonight, and a few Red Irish Lords. Two huge armed hermit crabs - one in a moonsnail shell!

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November 19, 2021

Dive #516 - Oak Leaf - 26 October 2021

We went looking for lumpsuckers, but with no luck. Instead, we had a marvelous encounter with a juvenile female GPO, who was out hunting. We watched her around 75ft for quite awhile. She seemed to be using our lights to help hunt. At one point she flushed out a Red Irish Lord that we had no idea was under the rock! I wonder if this is the same little GPO that was chilling outside of its den my last dive at Oakleaf? Definitely highlight of the night.

There were schools of anchovies, tubesnout, and little plainfin midshipmen. The midshipmen were really amazing; I haven't seen them in such high numbers before. They'd hang out in the water column and then dive down to the sand if they felt threatened.

We surfaced to driving rain, which we could see underwater. We could also hear the pounding of the surf from quite far out underwater.

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Dive #517 - Finn Beach - 30 October 2021

FIRST LUMPSUCKER OF THE SEASON!!! I spotted it about 5 minutes into the dive, a red gumball sitting on eel grass. So adorable!!!

Lion's mane nudi, some raggedy-looking white-lined dironas, a few Pacific Staghorn Sculpins, Spearnose poacher, various worms, a couple of Grunt sculpins (one living in a beer bottle), two Red Irish Lords

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November 22, 2021

Dive #518 - Keel Cove - 6 November 2021

Night dive at Keel. Lot of cool critters: 6 grunts on the wreck, 3 Cockrell's dorids (two right near each other), stubby squid. The highlight was a little wee red octopus on a golf ball!!!

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