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March 05, 2022

Dive #528 - Dophin Beach - 16 January 2022 (Dive 3 of 2022)

I got lost this dive... I think I went too far right to start. I'm still not sure if we ended up on the correct wall or not. At the time, I thought we did. Now I don't think we did. This site has portals, I swear...

Highlight was finding a Cockrell's Dorid! A sea lion did a drive by. A feather star latched itself onto Erin that I only spotted in the shallows; I swam it back out deeper. Found a big cabezon with eggs.

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Dive #529 - Finn Beach - 21 January 2022 (Dive 4 of 2022)

Back again to look for lumpsuckers, but without Bel the Lumpsucker Whisperer, we only found 3 (I know, dissapointing, right? ;-) ). One was very, very pregnant. It looked uncomfortable. I also found 2 little red octos.

We wandered way far right.

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