June 15, 2019

How People Saved the Seabirds of the California Current.

The San Francisco Bay Area is bordered on the west by the California Current, one of five upwelling-driven “boundary currents” on Earth where the vast majority of the world’s fishery harvests occur. These boundaries are the edges of major oceanic gyres, like the North Pacific Gyre in the case of the California Current. The incomparable productivity of these stretches of ocean are generated by strong, persistent winds that bring the upwelling of nutrient-rich water from the depths into the sunlight where phytoplankton, the base of the food web, can thrive.


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June 11, 2019

The Aggie City of Davis is home for over 150 species of birds, among other.

Davis students, community members can appreciate native wildlife, nature right outside their doors

Besides the students, professors and faculty who can be seen on campus, there are also fox squirrels, yellow-billed magpies, gopher snakes, burrowing owls and more that can also be spotted around UC Davis. Over 150 animals call this campus their home, just as any student might.


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June 06, 2019

Crows Are Crowding Your Bay Area Skies. Why?

Quick: What's the one bird you see and hear most every day, day in and day out, without fail?

We're willing to bet that for most of us in the Bay Area, there's one avian species that predominates in our daily bird experience: Corvus brachyrhynchos, better known to most of us as "the crow."


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May 31, 2019

14 Things You Should Know About Vultures.

Your mom always told you to be nice to the custodian—and speaking of clean-up specialists, have you thanked a vulture today? The scavenging birds do our environment a world of good.


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May 29, 2019

Backlash over destruction of cliff swallow colony in Sebastopol elicits city apology.

A Sebastopol city worker unleashed a torrent of public criticism this month, followed by a subsequent apology from the city, after he scraped away up to 200 mud nests made by cliff swallows under the eaves of the Community Center Youth Annex.


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May 28, 2019

159 murdered birds: Here’s how wildlife crime sleuths solved one of California’s most baffling poaching cases.

A search of the Lassen County home and 80-acre property of Richard Parker, 68, turned up more than 150 carcasses of protected birds and other wildlife in various states of decay, along with spent rifle casings. Most of the birds were red-tailed hawks, but several other species of hawks, other nongame birds, an owl and a taxidermied mountain lion were found. Four of the birds were migratory ferruginous hawks, which are uncommon in the area.


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May 27, 2019

Was foul play involved in the disappearance of a mama duck and her 11 eggs?

DEAR JOAN: What most likely happened to the duck and her 11 eggs that had taken up residence in a secluded place in our friends’ Palo Alto garden?


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Lompoc city leaders want to take Surf Beach back from snowy plovers.

The snowy plover nesting prompts the partial closure of Surf Beach from March through September each year but some Lompoc city leaders want to put an end to the closures in an effort to bolster tourism.

“Generations have been growing up without having summer access to this beach,” Lompoc City Councilman Jim Mosby said.


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Nest camera captures baby eagle’s death after California snowstorm, nonprofit says.

Thousands have tuned into livestream video of a bald eagle nest for weeks, to watch as two baby birds hatched in Big Bear Lake, California, and their mother began to raise them.

But Monday, following a “tough” storm that left the mother eagle crusted in snow, one of the eaglets died, according to Friends of Big Bear Valley, the nonprofit that broadcasts the video.


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May 26, 2019

Towhees: the awkward, drab and essential brown bird.

There is a bird called the California towhee that is found in almost every yard. It is the most mundane of backyard residents: plain and brown, a chunky, clumsy member of the sparrow family that hops about on the edges of gardens and under bird feeders. Towhees are not flashy, exciting, obviously beautiful, graceful, or melodious. This makes them an ideal starting point if you are just beginning your exploration of backyard birds, one that won’t dazzle and distract you with bright colors and a dulcet voice, as if that was what constituted the worth of a creature.


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